There will be occasions during the year when you may need to come into School to raise any concerns. As you will appreciate, it is very difficult for members of staff to speak to you either at the start of the day when registering their classes or at the end of the day when dismissing children from School.

If you wish to see your child’s class teacher briefly then please ensure that you do so either before 8.50 am or 10 minutes after your child’s class has been dismissed entering the School through the main door.

If it is a more serious issue then it may be necessary for you to see your child’s Phase Leader either at the times indicated above or by making an appointment to do so.

If necessary, an appointment may be made to meet with any of the following staff who are in the Leadership Team if you have a more serious concern:

Leadership Team

Name Role
Mrs Marie Price Executive Head Teacher (SHINE Academies)
Mrs Stephanie Field Interim Head Teacher
Mrs Mandy Baggott Deputy Head Teacher
Mrs Ruth Lue-Quee Assistant Head Teacher
Mrs Suki Baran Family Liaison Lead (SHINE ACADEMIES)

Teaching Staff

Name Role
Miss Kate Howes Class Teacher
Miss Natasha Mullings Class Teacher
Mrs Fiona Burch Class Teacher
Mrs Ruth Lue-Quee Class Teacher (Senior Leader)
Mrs Victoria Whitehouse Class Teacher
Mrs Sue Morris Bateman Class Teacher
Mr Calum McGill Class Teacher
Mrs Dawn Whitehouse Class Teacher
Mrs Rachel Ogden Class Teacher
Mrs Jo Mavi Class Teacher
Mr Phil Edge Class Teacher
Mrs Val Hylton Class Teacher

Non-Teaching Staff

Name Role
Mrs Tracey Bowdler HLTA
Mrs Jackie Martin Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jessica Croft Teaching Assistant
Miss Sarah Jenkins Teaching Assistant
Miss Carol Terry Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jenny Orme Teaching Assistant
Mrs Linda Danks Teaching Assistant
Mrs Rachel Wilson HLTA
Mrs Josie Gould Teaching Assistant
Miss Danielle Rolston Teaching Assistant
Miss Nicola Wootton Teaching Assistant
Mrs Elaine Jones Teaching Assistant
Mrs Michelle Bees Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jane Pincher Teaching Assistant
Mrs Julie Hayes Teaching Assistant
Mrs Helen Fowler HLTA – ARP
Mrs Nicky Rushton HLTA – ARP
Miss Zoe Cooper Teaching Assistant
Mrs Lynn Janes Teaching Assistant
Mrs Elaine Dyson Teaching Assistant
Mrs Tracey Dunn Teaching Assistant
Mrs Sue Hodson Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jackie Davies Teaching Assistant
Mrs Mandy Bull Teaching Assistant
Mrs Frances Brant Teaching Assistant
Miss Nimaysha Shingadia Teaching Assistant
Mrs Sam Bullock Teaching Assistant

School Office

Name Role
Mrs Andrea Bullock Finance Officer
Miss Gemma Sanders Receptionist
Name Role
Mr Neil Britton Caretaker
Mrs Chris Timmins Cleaner
Mrs Mandy Barratt Cleaner
Mrs Yvonne King Cleaner
Mrs Helen Edwards Cleaner
Mrs Amanda Jones Cleaner
Mrs Kerry Hughes Cleaner
Name Role
Mrs Tracey Bowdler Lunch Time Supervisor
Mrs Kerry Banks Lunch Time Supervisor
Mrs Michelle Bees Lunch Time Supervisor
Miss Danielle Rolston Lunch Time Supervisor
Miss Nicola Wootton Lunch Time Supervisor
Mrs Emma Jackson Lunch Time Supervisor
Mrs Chris Timmins Lunch Time Supervisor
Mrs Yvonne King Lunch Time Supervisor
Mrs Alice Charteris Lunch Time Supervisor
Mrs Tracey Brown Lunch Time Supervisor
Mrs Victoria Tranter Lunch Time Supervisor
Miss Alex Bullen Lunch Time Supervisor
Mrs Linda Danks Lunch Time Supervisor